Lecture: What Is Unconditional Love

Love is the most powerful force which is not limited, so the saying “love can move mountains” is given its true meaning. Love is something we think that we know because we usually understand love as something we feel for our partner, parents, children, our pets; and this is where the feelings of love come to an end. Love in our everyday life is thus connected with our relationship to our closest. Roughly speaking we talk about two kinds of love: FILIO is the love we feel for our friends, our pets; the second one is EROS which is love between two partners and which says: “I love you for who you are.”

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Lecture: Spiritual Truth

The spiritual view of life in the visible world studies the same basics and main common findings in all philosophies and holly texts of wise men. All wisdoms that study humans see them as multifaceted: personality, physical body; energy body, emotional body, mental body; ego – lower state of consciousness, spirit – higher state of consciousness; wisdom, unconditional love, goodness, free will, power; soul – intermediate connection between the personality with the spirit.


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Predavanje: Duhovna istina


Duhovni pogled na život vidljivog svijeta proučava u svim filozofijama i svetim tekstovima mudraca, jednake temelje i glavna zajednička saznanja. Sve mudrosti tretiraju čovjeka kao višeslojnog – fizičkog tijela; energijskog tijela, osjećajnog tijela, mentalnog tijela; ega – niže prirode; duha – više prirode, mudrosti, bezuvjetne ljubavi, dobrote, slobodne volje, snage, duše – međurelej koji povezuje osobnost s duhom.

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