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Lecture: Spiritual Truth

The spiritual view of life in the visible world studies the same basics and main common findings in all philosophies and holly texts of wise men. All wisdoms that study humans see them as multifaceted: personality, physical body; energy body, emotional body, mental body; ego – lower state of consciousness, spirit – higher state of consciousness; wisdom, unconditional love, goodness, free will, power; soul – intermediate connection between the personality with the spirit.


To me the priority is to teach wisdom and to nurture the spiritual values, such as honesty, simplicity, modesty, acceptability, patience, tolerance, persistence, courage, faith, trust, love and compassion.

The final goal is to get to know of all of our parts and to reach enlightenment through the bliss of nirvana. In this why people can combine the material with the spiritual, and transform from the student stage to a master stage where they have the wisdom of existence which exceeds ego and establishes control over personality. The goal is to live the spiritual values, to become an ideal for all followers and to become a teacher through the ideal. The goal is to expand the metaphysical heart beyond all people, where no differences are made and so we can spread the consciousness of perception that we are all connected to each other and that together we represent unity.

Discovering ancient wisdoms leads to learning, so it is important to experience them and live them, look for them and find them. It is not important to only accept and take in. Everyone should discover the truth on their own; the truth that cannot be described, but can be individually felt, although it must be experienced and lived. To understand the wisdom one must use heart and intuition. Today’s philosophy uses logic and intellect, and is therefore severely limited in reaching ancient wisdoms. For this reason it has come to a misunderstanding because the interpretation of key concepts is mental; physical means literal. A lot of wisdoms have a symbolic meaning.

Words, thought, pictures, matter – all of these are just the reflection of spirit. Worshipping deities is then understood as the path of knowing and acknowledging spiritual values and virtues which we as individuals experience in every moment of existence. Then we realize that evil does not exist but there is only undeveloped goodness. Pure freedom can be experienced when we pass from wishes to realizing that the greatest good has already happened. It is characteristic of unconditionality that it does not know the word “no”, but only “yes, right away; yes, be patient, I have something better for you”. Self-discipline is the bridge towards progress. Everything we abstain from, because it is seen as the sweetness of the physical, gives us tremendous spiritual power.

Realization comes through actions made with love. We must realize that we are part of the nature and not its master. If you direct your attention to love and goodness, you will be loved and good. Without love there are no pleasant relationships, without respect there is no true love. When we say colloquially that each body has a soul, it is really the opposite: the soul as the transcript of consciousness, the vibration and the energy of the transcript is the one that has the body. To become the master of yourself in order to achieve wisdom, means to constantly fight with your lower part. The purpose of the fight is not to kill the lower part, but to control and harmonize it. We must receive the answers to questions: What are people as beings? What is the purpose and what are their goals? This is the wisdom every individual should strive for. A forest consists of individual trees which speak of the forest’s quality and the quality of individual trees cannot be measured in relation to a good average of the forest.

It is important to plan the change of your character, to experience the truth in order to free yourself from strong negative vibrations (anger, hatred, etc.) because the truth is the foundation for miracles and other phenomena, incomprehensible to people. The truth of the Universe is a manifested force or an un-manifested energy, which means that everyone’s deepest wishes come true and their deepest actions are revealed. The truth is your prayer, your offering, your ritual, and it is seen as a good spiritual step which you make to transform misfortune to fortune. The truth is a good character that supports the others in the Universe as well.

The truth is boldness and power which help you move forward and lead you through challenges in life. The truth is power and understanding that you are not only a person in a physical form, but you are a complete being, deriving from an enormous divine energy which possesses the spirit, the soul and the power of will, and is sensitive to the light of good and invincible to the power of darkness. The truth is the power that reaches justice with those who are incomprehensible to the divine laws, the spiritual rules and the laws of the Universe. The truth is your understanding that you are a small Universe within you which radiates the power of sun, moon, stars and other shining objects in space. The truth also means that you must always pay the price for your ignorance and foolishness.

The truth means to have the knowledge that the most vivid and powerful energies are invisible, and function in accordance with the universal order. The truth is our conscience, the real extension to the universal whole – this means we are a perfect, complete and infinite divine beings. The truth is a bitter liquid we drink in the morning of life that smoothens our life in the later years and offers a nicer and more peaceful life. Admitting the truth to ourselves and correcting mistakes from the past with the help of wisdom is the foundation of greater glory and self-realization of the greatest good, i.e. of your life and the life of your kinship. The truth is the guarding mechanism and the wisdom, the power and energy of God, manifesting in the words, the lives, the souls and the spirit of everything visible and invisible, manifested and un-manifested..